Ausbildung In Germany

  • Germany is currently suffering from a huge number of vacant training seats. According to the latest statistics of the Ministry of Labor and the German Ministry of Education, the number of empty seats in this program is 92,000.
  • The period of vocational training in Germany is three years, during which the student receives a monthly grant from the German government at a value ranging from 800-1200 euros per month for a period of three years with the provision of free housing for students.
  • Students can join various formative classes in Germany such as: nursing study, hotel study, business administration, computer science and programming, marketing and sales and many different classes.

Aramco services for students enrolled in the vocational training program in Germany:

  • Aramco monitors the linguistic development of enrollment by conducting periodic language assessments for them.
  • After the enrollment of the third level (B1), Aramco secures training contracts for students and obtaining the approval of the Ministry of Labor for them.
  • The Aramco team prepares the student’s embassy file to obtain a visa, as the procedures for obtaining a visa require a period of two weeks.
  • After obtaining the visa, the student’s travel arrangements are arranged and received in Germany.
  • After arriving in Germany, you do preparatory language courses organized by Aramco. After completing the courses, you join the training institute for the student.
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