Specialty & Work Programs In Germany

Details of the services provided by the Aramco program For doctors:

Aramco is distinguished by providing integrated services through its specialization program, and it provides contracts for doctors through its network of contracts and relations with German hospitals, and we show you here a list of Aramco’s distinguished and integrated services for doctors wishing to specialize in Germany:

  • Under the long experience of the German health system, Aramco coordinates intensive language courses and private courses for doctors to train them in conversation with patients and fellow doctors.
  • Providing the doctor with the necessary papers to obtain a visa according to the agreement with the foreign offices: Language invitations for the intensive courses according to the conditions of the embassy, confirmation of the doctor’s accession to the Aramco program addressed to the embassy
  • Make the necessary reservations and coordinate your housing according to your personal desire and preferences
  • Meet and greet the doctor in Germany at the airport or train station
  • Carry out introductory tours and provide means of communication and the Internet
  • Follow up on the progress of the language level periodically by the Aramco team
  • Prepare the doctor to meet the department heads, and give them important advice and guidance
  • Helping physicians to equivalence medical certificates and obtain a temporary license to practice Peruvian medicine
  • Helping doctors pass the medical language test required to obtain temporary practice
  • Helping doctors sign contracts with conditions and benefits that suit them
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