Undergraduate/Graduate Studies In Germany

The university education system in Germany is currently the best educational system in Europe and ranks third in the world, and despite that it is almost free for all students as the university fees are symbolic and do not exceed 300 euros per semester.

Services and features of the Aramco Undergraduate/Graduate program in Germany:

  • Study the student’s file and provide all advice and guidance to them regarding their file, through a personal Skype interview with the student’s team in Germany.
  • Helping the student in preparing their university file from translating and certifying official papers and certificates and sending all these documents to the main Aramco branch in Germany.
  • Securing university admission for the student with a bachelor’s – master’s degree, according to the major the student desires.
  • Student registration at the Language Institute in Germany to study the third and fourth levels in the German language (B1, B2), as these courses are intensive and the duration of each course is two months.
  • Prepare the student personally for an embassy interview
  • Prepare the student’s file for the embassy to obtain the academic visa.
  • After the student gets a visa, arrange the accommodation for the student.
  • Greet the student at the airport
  • Finalizing the administrative procedures for the student after arriving in Germany:
    – Student registration in the Department of Housing
    – Opening the student’s bank account
    – Taking care of student health insurance
    Extending the student’s residence with the Foreigners Department.
  • Follow up the student linguistically until entering the university.
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