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Aramco in Germany, is a German Arab company founded in 2012 to be a bridge between the Arab world and Germany. The company provides various services for patients wishing to be treated in German hospitals and enables them to do so in the best way it is managed by doctors and cooperates with many hospitals, the most important of which is the University Hospital in Hanover. The company also works to help doctors and dentists who want to work and specialize in Germany through a program which is integrated that cares about all the details, was developed and studied by doctors working in the German health system and familiar with all laws and instructions. Aramco offers through the Arab nursing employment program in Germany the opportunity for Arab nurses to work and achieve their ambition in Germany as it provides an opportunity to study the vocational training for students in Germany in many fields and specialization and is the first Arab company working in this field and the first Arab company to succeed in providing contracts and approvals of the Ministry Working and obtaining a visa in a standard time of 48 hours. Aramco, through an integrated program, prepares students and helps them start university studies in Germany through its integrated program, which cares for all the minute details.


Providing integrated services for all those interested in traveling to Germany for various reasons within programs that are managed in a professional manner and provide everything that the applicant needs to reach their goal


The company should be the first choice for every Arab to organize his travel to Germany